Activating Dynamic Format Optimization is Easy


1. Set up standard Outstream Video or Native Display creatives in your DSP. Yieldmo’s DFO solution is designed to leverage your existing Video or Native Display creatives.

2. Assign creatives to campaign lines and target Yieldmo’s DFO Deal IDs on those lines.

3. Yieldmo handles the rest! When your campaign bids into the DFO Deal ID with standard creatives, DFO chooses the optimal Yieldmo proprietary format for that impression and displays your standard assets using the selected Yieldmo format.

Creative Requirements in DSP set up:

• Native Display DFO: Creative built with raw assets and hosted in DSP (Image + Text).

• Video DFO: VAST tag (mp4 or VPAID media file is fine), or raw video file uploaded and hosted in DSP.

Yieldmo DFO can work on existing standard Video or Native Display creatives you may already have set up in your DSP, even for format customizations. When your campaign bids into the Yieldmo DFO PMP Deal ID with your standard creative, we will assemble any customizations added when the impression serves.

If you’re using DFO without any optional format customizations, you’re done; the deal is set up as any normal Native Display or Outstream deal from your perspective. 

If you are utilizing optional customizations to enhance the experience, or trying additional creative element variations, your Account Team will facilitate any necessary creative approvals with our creative studio team. Your activation remains the same–your core creative with standard assets remains in the DSP–and Yieldmo assembles any additional customizations when the ad is served. 

You’re ready to enjoy a 45% performance boost, courtesy of our AI making the best format choices for your campaign. 

Please note: To apply DFO to High-Impact Display (rich media) units, speak to your Account Team. This requires Yieldmo to host the assets and provide creative tags, as well as additional assets to create the High-Impact units. 

For DSP specific DFO creative setup and activation guides, click below:

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