Yieldmo was created to improve the advertising ecosystem. We believe that advertising can be useful, tasteful, and help quality publishers fund their content, keeping much of the internet free and accessible.

In order to protect both the quality of our marketplace and users, we reserve the right to block ads at our sole discretion. In some instances, this could result in blocking an ad that was initially approved, for whatever reason. Additionally, we will work with publishers so that they have the ability to block ads for content and competitive reasons beyond what we propose.

The topics listed below are not exhaustive and Yieldmo reserves the right to reject or remove a partner from its network at its sole discretion.

The policies contained herein are not a substitute for consulting with your Account Manager or Sales Representative.  In particular, you should consult with your Account Manager or Sales Representative prior to executing advertisements in the “Allowed, with restrictions” category below.

While we cannot guarantee that each of the ads placed through our exchange will meet the criteria set forth below, we encourage our clients and partners to report potential violations and help us refine and better articulate our policies. We thoroughly investigate all concerns and follow them with corrective action when warranted.

Yieldmo reserves the right to amend or update this policy at any time.


Strictly prohibited ad categories

  • Illegal drugs, or herbal substances that mimic illegal drugs.
  • Foreign pharmacies.
  • Religious promotion that favors one group or religion over another.
  • Ads defaming an organization, a group of people or an individual.
  • Sites promoting fake news.
  • Guns, ammunition, or weapons of war.
  • Tobacco products.
  • For ads placed in the United States, ads promoting activities that are illegal in all 50 states.
  • Ads marketing the creation of false documents.
  • Sexual enhancement, sexual services (e.g. mail order brides), sex tours, or sexual encounters.
  • Penny stocks, promoting get-rich-quick schemes, or cryptocurrency ICOs.


Allowed, with restrictions

  • Fantasy sports or gambling ads not in violation with local laws.
  • Pharmaceuticals, including prescription, over-the-counter, medical services and contraception.
  • Financial services, so long as they avoid predatory practices such as short-term or payday lending.
  • Beauty products, provided that they do not promote extreme or unrealistic results.
  • CBD or Hemp related products, provided that they are not deceptively marketed.
  • Alcohol from established brands or services aimed at adults over 21, on certain properties.
  • Cannabis ads in allowed areas, marketed appropriately.
  • E-cigarettes if not marketed to minors.


Political Advertising Guidelines

  • Yieldmo requires that all political advertisements run on our platform include disclaimers indicating the buyer of the ad and whether it has been authorized by the candidate in question. In addition, Yieldmo prohibits the serving of political ads on our platform in respect of which the end advertiser is located in a country other than the country in which the relevant election is taking place.
  • Yieldmo prohibits the purchase of political ads in respect of any country’s election by foreign buyers or those buying on behalf of foreign advertisers.
  • Yieldmo prohibits all political advertising in respect of federal elections in Canada.


Advertorial landing page restrictions

  • Advertisement” or “Advertorial” must be clear and prominent at the TOP of landing pages (no tap-to-expand disclaimers, bottom-of-page only disclaimers).
  • Fake comments or comments stolen from other products are not allowed.
  • Fake date stamps or auto refreshing timers are not allowed.
  • Fake endorsements from social media icons or celebrities are not allowed.
  • Must include a privacy policy and functioning “contact us” capability.


Deceptive creative practices

  • Ads that contain grotesque or inappropriate images.
  • Ads that simulate phone or system warnings in order to entice clicks.


Third-party tags and scripts

  • Only ad and analytic tags from reputed vendors will be allowed.


Miscellaneous restrictions that can result in expulsion from the Yieldmo Marketplace

  • Advertisement” or “Advertorial” must be clear and prominent at the TOP of landing pages (no tap-to-expand disclaimers, bottom-of-page only disclaimers).
  • Changing a creative post approval and launch with the intent of bypassing review processes is a severe violation.
  • Malware of any sort is prohibited.
  • Any practice deemed to circumvent a user’s privacy settings.


Last Updated:  September 7, 2022