DV360 DFO New Creative Set Up:
Native Display


1. To create a Native Display creative, select Format Gallery under Creative.

2. Select Native->Native Display->Create

3. Build Native Creative:

a. Add assets:

Brand logo: 1:1 ratio (min 100×100, .jpg or .png)
Image: 1.91:1 ratio (min 1200×627, .jpg or .png)
Square Image:  (Optional) 1:1 ratio (min 627×627, .jpg or .png)

i. If you want to use a 1:1 ratio main image instead of a 1.91:1 ratio image, add your square 1:1 image here and put in a 1:91 placeholder/dummy image. Once the Text fields are filled in and the creative is saved, this will generate 2 separate Creatives, 1 with the 1:91 image and 1 with the 1:1 image. You can then append the native creative with 1:1 square image to your Line Item. 

b. Add text:

i. Enter at least 1 Headline (we recommend filling out both fields)
Long headline: 50 character max
Short headline: 25 character max – required field; Yieldmo will use the long headline if present.

ii. Enter at least 1 text description (we recommend filling out both fields):
Long body text: 140 character description
Short body text: 90 character description – required field; Yieldmo will use the long body text if present

iii. Enter Landing page URL – The web page to direct people to when they click your ad. Make sure the landing page loads without error when opened in a browser window. Click tracker can be placed here. 

          1. If your advertiser is linked to Campaign Manager 360, the landing page URL is determined by the Campaign Manager 360 tracking ad. You don’t need to enter a separate landing page URL.


iv. Caption URL – Enter a short, friendly version of your landing page URL to show in the creative. This URL gives people an idea of where they’ll arrive after they click your ad. For example, if your landing page URL is https://www.example.com/page, enter example.com.

v. Call to Action – Enter a CTA of your choice. The character limit in Yieldmo specs is 15 characters and the default is “Learn More”

4. Click Creative Details to implement necessary trackers


a. Under Serving Properties, implement impression trackers in the “Impression tracking URL” fields. 

b. Implement viewability monitoring tags from IAS, DV, MOAT in the “JavaScript tracking URL” field. Only the URL for this field, not the full script.

5. Navigate to your Campaign and click into your Display Line Item or create a new Line Item if needed. 

a. Assign your Native Display creative to the Line Item in the Creatives section. 

b. Assign the Native Display DFO Deal ID provided by Yieldmo in the Inventory Source section, under Deals and Inventory Packages. For help with onboarding Deal IDs, please see our DV360 Deal Set Up Guide

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