Xandr – Deals API setup guide


Xandr can now receive Yieldmo PMP Deals directly in the Xandr interface via Xandr’s Deals API. This enables hands-on-keyboard traders to automatically set up Private Contracts for deals, eliminating the need to manually create Private Contracts. Yieldmo will push PMPs directly to your Buyer ID (seat ID), where they can be accessed in Inventory > Deals.

Yieldmo is a proud adopter of this workflow, making PMP Deals a more central, easily activated part of achieving marketer goals.

Buyer Benefits

  • Premium, tailored inventory: Instant access to Yieldmo’s Deals customized to your campaign needs
  • Efficient: No need to copy/paste Deal IDs or search via email – easier to test when managing all of your campaigns
  • Fast: Activate deals with a few clicks. All you need to do is provide your Xandr Buyer ID (seat #) to your Yieldmo rep.


How It Works:

  1. Navigate to the Deals page in the Xandr Invest UI. Go to Inventory in the top level navigation, and then select Deals in the dropdown menu.
  1. You’ll receive a Deal ID from Yieldmo that you can find in the deals menu. You can search for the deal using the Deal Name provided by your Yieldmo account manager. You can also select Yieldmo, Inc. in the Sellers filter to narrow down the list to only Yieldmo deals.


If your seat is set to Default Active, you do not need to accept the deal – it will be automatically activated once you receive it.


If your seat is set to Require Review, your deal will appear with a Pending status by default when received. You can review the deal and use the Actions menu to accept or decline it.

You can view/edit your deal review preference in the blue icon on the top right of the screen – Default Active will display as “New Deals Do Not Require Approval” vs. Require Review will display as “New Deals Require Approval”.

  1. Target the Deal ID in your line item. In the Inventory & Brand Safety Targeting section of your line item setup, find the Supply Source subsection and select Deals. Then select the Specific Deals tab, and then search for and select the Deal ID from the list of deals that appear.

Once the Deal ID is targeted in your line item, you are done!