Yahoo DSP – Deal Troubleshooting


1. Deal Troubleshooting for a Line

Deal Troubleshooting helps users identify the cause of under-delivery of their deals. It provides transparency on why deals are either under-delivering or having no delivery at all so that users can troubleshoot and prevent “line” under-delivery. A line is a unique set of ads and targeting strategy, and is defined by its own flight dates, budget, billing model, and bid optimization strategy. Every line belongs to a specific campaign and inherits default settings (time zone, currency, budget) from the campaign. Campaign-level flight dates (start and end dates) override line item-level settings (you can’t set up a line with a start date or end date that falls outside the campaign-level dates). Campaign-level frequency caps and budget settings form a cap for the lines under the campaign.

2. Operational Workflow

● Navigate to line user is looking to target.

○ Click path to find line = Advertiser → Campaign → Line → Deal

Deal troubleshooting graphic

● The Deal Troubleshooting report covers all targeted deals in the selected line.

● Scroll down to find Deal Troubleshooting chart and Deal Troubleshooting debug reasoning.

Debug reasoning graphic

3. Deal Troubleshooting Debug Text

● Users will find over 70 different debug reasons in total. Debug reasons will be listed under each section of the bottleneck (total bid requests, total bid requests eligible for auction, total bid responses, and impressions), if applicable.

4. Caveats

● Data is updated through yesterday

● The Deal Troubleshooting tab will only appear if the line is targeting deals

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