DV360 – How to traffic high impact formats


1. Once the creative(s) is approved, Yieldmo will send Deal ID(s), Floor Price(s), and Third Party tag(s). Below is a snapshot of how this will be sent to you.

deal ID spreadsheet


2. Navigate to the left side of DV360’s UI and select ‘Advertisers’ and click on your advertiser.

Advertiser's page


3. Navigate to the left side of DV360’s UI and select ‘Creative’ –> ‘Creatives’. Click ‘New’ and then toggle to ‘Third-party tag’.

Creatives tab


4. Enter the following information in the labeled fields.

  • Enter the Landing Page URL.
  • Click Add Tag and then paste the 3p tag in the box.
Basic details form


5. Under ‘Serving Properties’ input your DCM Placement ID as the ‘CM Tracking Ad’ in order to link to DCM impression and click tracking. Please note:

  • Yieldmo does not implement impression or click trackers on their end, this but must be done within DV360.
  • Yieldmo inputs Yieldmo.com as a placeholder landing page URL since we don’t handle the click trackers. If you want to ensure your creative previews correctly in the UI, simply just send Yieldmo your landing page URL. However, if you don’t, it will still click out properly in a live environment by following step 5.
New creative form


6. Click Process Tag, and then Test Creative after the tag is processed.


7. Click Done after you’ve tested the creative.


8. On the next page, name the creative and enter its dimensions (300×250).


9. Check the HTML5 checkbox.


10. Click Save and Close.


11. Once in your Line Item Details, you will want to make sure:

  • No Public Inventories are selected.
  • The YM Deal ID is selected under Private Deals.
  • No Inventory Groups are selected.

Line Item Details verification page