Yahoo DSP – How To Create A Deal ID


1. Targeting Inventory

In the Targeting Inventory area of the Targeting page, you can choose to target or block certain exchanges, deals, auction types (first price, second price), apps and sites, as well as specific site-level placements such as the display ad’s position on the page or the video player size. You can also block malware using the bot avoidance controls.

2. Exchanges and Deals

A line in your campaign can target one or more exchanges or available private marketplace deals. There are specific rules about line item targeting of exchanges and deals.

To target exchanges and deals

1. Select a radio button to target either the Yieldmo exchange or deals given by the Yieldmo team.

2. From the drop-down list, select Target or Block to set whether you want to target or block your selected exchanges or deals. If you want to target most exchanges, but block a select few, it might be easier to set up the line to block only those exchanges.

Do one of the following:

● Select Exchanges to target on one or more Yahoo or third-party exchanges.

● Select Deals to target a private marketplace deal.

3. Search for your first exchange or deal from the drop-down list. Do one of the following:

● If you selected Exchanges in Step 1, start typing the name of an exchange to find that exchange.

● If you selected Deals in Step 1, start typing the name of an exchange, deal name, deal ID, orexchange deal i d (grouped by exchange) to find the deal you want to target. You can expand exchange listings to see the deals under them.

4. Add the exchange or deal to the targeting criteria by clicking the plus sign to the right of the exchange or deal name.

You see your exchange or deal in the field below the buttons. For example:

5. Continue adding exchanges or deals until you have added all the ones you want to the list.