Encantos Achieves 72% Lift on Non-Addressable Inventory with Yieldmo’s Contextual Optimization


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2021 digiday technology awards winner

“Yieldmo's contextual approach helped us find high performance impressions for a great value. They were both our largest traffic driver and conversion driver. Yieldmo’s performance gave us great confidence in the power of context as we move to a world with fewer and fewer cookies.”

Julie Fleischer, Chief Growth Officer, Encantos Tweet

The Challenge

Encantos selected Yieldmo as a partner to reach Spanish speaking and English speaking parents interested in its language immersion for children’s products. Encantos’ goal was to test new ways to drive traffic and subscriptions with high quality media.

Specifically, Encantos wanted to understand whether non-addressable media could be a source of quality leads that would convert. To find out, Encantos used Yieldmo’s AEROS Contextual Optimization Engine (AEROS) to curate the right non-addressable inventory. AEROS works by examining hundreds of signals within an impression: situational, topical, environmental and attention-based, and biases media buys toward the impressions most likely to deliver results.

The Campaign

Encantos ran an outstream campaign that combined Yieldmo’s proprietary formats (Flexplay and Flexbanner) and AEROS to drive engagement, optimize spend, and maximize results.



Winning Results

Yieldmo delivered strong results for Encantos demonstrating how AEROS finds the high quality performance impressions within non-addressable inventory. By identifying and prioritizing high quality non-addressable impressions, Yieldmo helped Encantos deliver superior results.

Across the board, AEROS helped Encantos lift their KPIs and drive efficient results.  By providing a way to optimize non-addressable impressions, Yieldmo helped Encantos identify and capture new demand.