Tech Giant Increases B2B brand Lift by 13.8% with High Viewability


The Challenge

A top tech brand selected Yieldmo as a partner to reach C-Suite IT executives for a B2B campaign. The goal was to maintain high viewability (70%+) and drive brand consideration. A Kantar Brand Lift Study was used to assess brand awareness.

Yieldmo’s Solutions

Step 1: Run a Yieldmo Windowplay unit – a high-impact video format designed to drive upper funnel KPIs like brand awareness. Layer on contextual and data targeting. 

Step 2: Utilize Contextual Curation, AI models designed to curate inventory to buyer KPIs, such as viewability.

Winning Results 

Top of Mind Awareness lift was particularly impressive as Unaided Awareness is typically more difficult to move compared with Aided Awareness among well-known brands. The campaign also successfully shifted Brand Preference overall, highlighting the persuasiveness of the creatives. Additional exposure improved Brand Preference significantly, allowing the brand to successfully employ frequency optimization

brand lift percent consideration percent and top of mind awareness percent

Windowplay Creative

Give your vertical, horizontal, or square video assets the added bonus of complementary brand imagery and CTA overlay. This eye-catching effect increases engagement with your campaign, making sure your brand leaves a lasting impression. Prepare for your brand campaigns to become turbocharged.