Leading Pharmaceutical Brand Improves
Scale by 10X on Highly Viewable PMPs


The Challenge

A top pharmaceutical brand wanted to spend more on their highly viewable Video and Display campaigns on the Yieldmo Marketplace. It was also important to maintain favorable CPMs and viewability.

Our Solution

Yieldmo’s Contextual Curation Engine automatically curates highly viewable inventory in real time for the brand’s Video and Display PMPs. We take in the entirety of the advertising opportunity, including signals that are Situational, Topical, Attention-based, Environmental, and is not dependent on cookies or user IDs. We collect dozens of signals per second on billions of impressions to increase the value of addressable and non-addressable inventory and maximize KPI lift and campaign performance.

Winning Results

The brand was able to scale significantly over existing methods by using Yieldmo’s curation, while also achieving improvements in viewability and cost. All while running a visually compelling campaign via Yieldmo’s formats.

pharma case study stats

We scaled our video campaign by 10X while exceeding our vCPM goal and maintaining high viewability - not an easy feat. We’re happy with the real-time optimizations tailored to our campaign goals.