Yieldmo’s Stance on MFA


Yieldmo believes in driving superior advertising outcomes for clients and customers. This is why we invest in creative formats, high quality ad experiences, and machine-learning driven inventory curation. 

The industry has experienced a rise in Made-For-Advertising (MFA) sites recently. MFA sites are exactly what they sound like — they are content that has the sole purpose of making money from advertising and have little regard for end users. This content oftentimes is sensationalized to attract traffic volume, but the content is of low quality and overwhelmed with ads. MFA sites often pass programmatic buyer thresholds as they have high-viewability rates and are brand-safe, but they have a poor user experience, have low ad attention scores, and do not provide desired outcomes for advertisers.

Yieldmo is committed to providing our customers with a safe and transparent advertising environment. Yieldmo’s PMPs offer buyers significant advantages over open exchange inventory in that they exclude MFA sites (as defined by Jounce Media), and are often curated to more attentive ad placements. This delivers better advertiser outcomes and protects our customers from wasting money on MFA sites and other low-quality traffic.

This is just one of the ways that Yieldmo is working to create a more responsible advertising ecosystem. We are also committed to transparency and accountability, and we believe that this is an important step in the right direction.

We encourage other advertising companies to follow our lead and exclude MFA sites from their deals. By working together, we can make the programmatic advertising ecosystem a better place for everyone.