1. Retailer wanted to drive high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) against in-store sales of Spring-Season decor and clothing
  2. Viewability (measured by MOAT)
  3. Site Visits


One of the nation’s largest retailers was looking for compelling ways to reach their target audiences contextually to drive sales during the Spring season. We leveraged Yieldmo’s patented ad-formats, all created with the consumer experience and brand equity in mind.

Yieldmo connected with 8M people on their mobile devices over the course of the campaign:

The Ad Formats

Three of Yieldmo’s best-performing, high engagement-driving formats were used for this campaign:

Our unique ads respect the user experience, provide pre-click engagement data, and lead to efficient impression delivery. Through optimization we retarget potential buyers who engaged with the ads and suppress those who would never buy.

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The Results

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