Yieldmo's Commitment to Reducing Carbon Emissions


At Yieldmo, we’ve always been dedicated to creating premium ad formats that respect user experience as the foundation for a sustainable content ecosystem. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to reducing carbon emissions and their environmental impact. We’re excited to collaborate with customers and partners on green initiatives and hope our efforts inspire others in the industry to contribute to a more eco-friendly ad ecosystem.

Yieldmo’s Progress So Far

We have already made significant investments in reducing our carbon emissions through improvements in core technology, processes, business practices, and operations.

Partnering with Decarbonization Measurement Experts

To evaluate our sustainability progress, Yieldmo collaborates with Cedara, an independent decarbonization measurement company. Cedara’s expertise helps us accurately assess our carbon footprint and pinpoint improvement areas. Cedara’s initial measurement revealed that over 99% of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from Scope 3 sources, primarily operating our ad exchange. 95% of these emissions stem from campaign delivery at the publisher level. Yieldmo’s initial carbon intensity score, as measured by Cedara, is favorable compared to public companies and industry peers. This positive baseline allows us to continuously measure and reduce our carbon emissions.

Dedicated to Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Yieldmo’s most sustainable option for managing the infrastructure to run our exchange is to run entirely on cloud-based infrastructure. This not only gives us flexibility as we grow and adjust our compute requirements, but our cloud providers are actively embracing sustainable energy sources, which further reduces our emission footprint.

Direct Publisher Relationships

We work directly with premium publishers who share our ad quality and sustainability goals. Yieldmo strives for efficient connections with our publisher partners.

Advanced Traffic Shaping: Reducing Wasteful Impressions

Our service optimizes ad delivery, ensuring ads capture attention and provide value for advertisers, publishers, and consumers. We employ advanced traffic shaping techniques to filter out low-value impressions before auction, conserving computing resources. This process considers multiple data points, such as user behavior, viewability, and ad engagement, to evaluate each impression’s value.

Embracing a Remote Workforce

Yieldmo strategically transitioned to a primarily remote workforce last year, reducing office-related emissions and promoting a more sustainable work environment. While we continue adjusting to remote culture and may adopt a hybrid model in the future, this change significantly reduced our carbon footprint and reinforced our dedication to purposeful, impactful action.

Prioritizing Essential Travel

Although in-person meetings with customers and employees are valuable, we found many of our trips were non-essential. Yieldmo implemented a stricter travel policy, investing more in virtual collaboration tools and reducing our reliance on air travel, thereby lowering our overall emissions.

Environmentally Responsible Marketing Swag

For necessary travel, such as industry conferences, we source eco-friendly marketing swag and prioritize useful, high-quality items – often times without Yieldmo’s logo – to ensure they’re used, not discarded.

In Summary

Yieldmo is dedicated to sustainability and will continue to innovate and invest in solutions benefiting both the industry and the planet. By partnering with Cedara, optimizing our ad exchange, and embracing a remote workforce, we’re actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmentally responsible practices in the advertising industry. We look forward to collaborating with others in the industry to further advance sustainable practices.

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