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Yieldmo Deals

We’ve made media buying easier by curating our most effective inventory into high performing deals that leverage the data and format advantages of the Yieldmo exchange.

Yieldmo Deals have all of the benefits of the Yieldmo Smart Exchange, now extended to curated Private Marketplace Deals. We identify the highest value inventory for advertisers and enhance it with next-gen formats and Contextual Optimization, driven by machine-learning in real-time. Our PMPs not only identify precise, high-performance inventory, they also can be tailored uniquely to the advertiser goal by Performance, Privacy-First, Content, Formats, and Publisher.

AEROS Deals Perform Better*

* AEROS optimization lifts are calculated compared to non-optimized traffic on Yieldmo exchange
Yieldmo Deals are always on and curated to perform for your campaign. We continually create new deals to match your business needs.

  • Superior quality: Premium, brand safe, fraud free inventory
  • Precise: We find the optimal combinations of impression attributes to target, and uncover efficient pockets of high performance inventory that standard targeting might miss
  • Optimized: We apply machine learning to model all the attributes of the impression, granular page signals and user signals to reliably boost CTR, VCR, viewability, and other KPIs at scale
  • Real-time: We constantly feed in new signals & results to select better inventory on the fly

Pre-curated PMP’s are available in the DV360 UI or your DSP of choice. Select these for your campaign for immediate use, or reach out to us to transfer any of these to your DSP.

To learn more about about these deals, please email