Privacy-First Marketplace

Non-addressable, privacy-friendly inventory.

Find out how you can deliver superior results for your campaigns using Yieldmo’s Advanced Contextual signals. We analyze the impression, not the audience, delivering results with no cookies required.

Privacy-safe Data

Yieldmo’s AEROS Optimization Engine analyzes hundreds of privacy-compliant signals collected on billions of impressions and analyzed for quality and results.

Augment Your Audience Strategy

We’ve created deals to optimize your campaigns across non-addressable inventory. Yieldmo’s curated high performance, privacy-first inventory does not rely on traditional user-level targeting. Additionally, our proprietary tech lifts KPI and elevates the user experience with a typically lower than average cost.

Turn the constraints of non-addressable inventory into opportunity. Test our Cookieless deals and customize them to your campaign goals.

Access these deals directly in your DSP deal library.

Yieldmo Privacy-First Deals

Yieldmo introduces privacy-first deals. Yieldmo’s proprietary tech lifts KPI on non-addressable inventory with a typically lower than average cost.