What is Unified ID 2.0?

Unified ID 2.0 is a new solution to identity, no longer relying on 3rd party cookies and instead using opt-in encrypted email addresses.

This is an open-source identity solution that operates from a single click sign-on – once the consumer has opted in with their email address on a webpage, an encrypted ID is created across the publisher network that has adopted Unified ID.

The Yieldmo Marketplace will now pass through Unified ID 2.0 from publishers to authorized buyers to enable the ad ecosystem to identify users in a cookieless environment.

Benefits of UID 2.0

Yieldmo is committed to working with The Trade Desk and other partners to help solve advertising’s identity problem. A member of Project Rearc and other industry initiatives, Yieldmo has explored improved ways to power advertising including behavior and contextual privacy-safe solutions.

Yieldmo continues to invest in solutions that empower privacy and transparency across the open web.

If you’re a publisher please reach out to Yieldmo to participate. For more information, please contact pubdev@yieldmo.com.