Yieldmo Partner Synchronization Tag

The Yieldmo Partner Synchronization Tag (Sync Tag) allows Yieldmo to map user identities with partners in browser-based environments. The tag is independent of ad serving and can be deployed on each publisher page, or subset of pages.

The tag will initiate a synchronization after the initial page load is complete, waiting a number of seconds before beginning. By default it will synchronize identities with up to five partners.

Synchronization in browser environments involves reading or writing cookies in conjunction with each partner and recording the identifiers set in the cookies in our database.

The tag is easy to deploy. Simply pasting the code below into the header of the publisher’s content template is all that is needed. Optionally, a publisher can configure the tag to limit the number of partner synchronizations on each page load as well as the number of milliseconds the tag waits before beginning the work.

This tag is GDPR compliant. It can be placed anywhere in the HTML document inside the <HTML> tags.

					<script type='text/javascript' src='https://static.yieldmo.com/usersync.js'></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
// 5000 is the delay in milliseconds, before querying https://ads.yieldmo.com/ymcas
// 5 is the number of partners to sync with, defaults to 5
new YMUserSync(5000, 5)