High Impact meets Programmatic Scale

Starting with the User

Since Yieldmo’s inception, our goal was to create visually beautiful formats that enhanced the user experience and also added something to the publisher page.

With innovations like Hyperscroller, we sought to innovate on the natural movement of a user’s scroll – for example, an image would turn as the user scrolled down, and then turn the other direction as the user scrolled up.

Gaining Attention and Data

Hyperscroller did more than just entertain the user as they scrolled. In addition to providing a little more enjoyment than the average ad – the movement of the animation also got the user’s attention. And it also did one more thing: it understood which direction the user was scrolling, when the user stopped scrolling, if the user was touching the ad, and how long the user landed on the ad, among other things. With this trifecta of visual appeal, engagement, and data, Yieldmo’s high impact units could maximize each component of an ad campaign, using the data collected to then optimize the campaign with ML.

The Next Evolution

Now, we’re bringing a fourth element to the picture: Frictionless.What does Frictionless mean? It means that brands can get all the benefits of high impact without having to do extra work or the customizations that typically take creative lead time.

We took out the build steps, and these new Frictionless Formats can be transacted through Native or Video pipes. While staying completely DSP hosted with no separate pipe for the transaction, the formats perform with just your standard native or video assets. There are also automated customizations Yieldmo can apply in that same frictionless workflow.We shaved off time by making it seamless and as easy as possible to transform native and video assets into high impact.

Web Story is our first Frictionless Format.We have more in the works, releasing Q2 of this year. They’re large format, video friendly, and stunning showcases for eCommerce, luxury, and anything meant to make a big splash.

For more information, contact info@yieldmo.com.