A few weeks ago, we held a client summit where we hosted many of our top partners from brands, agencies, DSPs, and publishers. We had the opportunity to all be in one room to discuss the importance of attention data in moving the industry forward. We also launched our new data offering – AEROS Attention Analytics.

Attention is a critical metric that’s been missing in the industry. Viewability has been table stakes, but the industry has been hungry for new metrics that actually signal that someone has taken notice of an ad or engaged with it – bringing us a little closer to intent.

What is attention data?

Attention data is comprised of actual gestures with the phone including Scrolls, Tilts, Touches, Time In-View (and other behaviors including swipes, expands, clicks, replays, resume plays) as well as video completes.

Yieldmo defines Attention Analytics as the practice of using these consumer behavior signals to improve advertising’s relevance & performance.

What we heard and key takeaways:

From publishers:

“If we had attention data, it would drive our sales organization to be able to look at performance and be able to talk to their clients about what works for what they need and what they could do the next time around. And as a publisher, it helps you drive your ad product and how your site is set up.”

From brands:

“The value of attention, it’s what we’re here for, right? It’s what marketers are trying to do. We’re trying to engage consumers, get them excited about our brands and bring them closer to our brands. Attention is the conduit for all the way that’s done, so we have to earn the right to speak to consumers.”

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to measure. I want to be able to measure the effectiveness of our marketing, our media investment and our campaigns on how it makes our brands grow. And attention seems to be one that we think is correlated to success. So the more we can understand what grabs the consumer’s attention, how marketing works in the context of where they’re consuming it, makes our marketing potentially more effective because we can optimize more. So what we’re learning about attention, how they interact with content, can make everything that we do more valuable and we just want to learn more.”

From agencies:

“Looking at attention as a metric, I think it’s a great complementary element to the overall understanding of the performance of the campaign. It’s not the one and only thing — I think often it needs to correlate to other metrics that go along the way. But it’s important as part of a measurement portfolio.”

From DSPs:

“Using attention data to inform the creative, and inform the product, is one of the most powerful ways to do it.”

From other analytics players:

“It’s a critical metric. In a world where we’re trying to reach people, the notion of engaging with people without them knowing who you are or where you fit into the grander scheme of their life doesn’t work. If attention is not a part of that, nothing else is going to translate. So it’s a very necessary precursor to any kind of long-term relationship that you plan on having with an existing or a future consumer.”

In summary:

We were glad for the opportunity for lively discussion around improving attention analytics and measurement for the ad industry. We’re excited to take our learnings from the summit into 2020.

We also announced expanding our offering Internationally to EMEA and APAC in 2020 as well as continued video innovation on formats and analytics across all platforms.