Xandr – How To Traffic High Impact Formats


1. Once the creative(s) is approved, Yieldmo will send Deal ID(s), Floor Price(s), and Ad Builder ID(s). Below is a snapshot of how this will be sent to you.

Deal IDs spreadsheet

2. Navigate to ‘Advertisers’ at the top of the UI scroll down to ‘Creative Manager’.


3. Select your advertiser

4. Choose ‘Create New’ > ‘Native creative’ in order to bring up the ‘Native Creative: Create New” screen.


5. Name your creative and then enter the URL where the user will click out to.


6. You will use placeholders for the creative – ultimately this image will not serve. No need to input an Advertiser specific creative since we allow max creative when we set up the deals so an audit isn’t necessary.

Required fields include:

  • Image – must be 1200(width) x 627 (height)
  • Title – use ‘Yieldmo High Impact’ or anything under 25 characters
  • CTA – use ‘Learn More’ or anything under 13 characters
    *Note that “Sponsored By” is not a required field and should not be filled in

7. Now time to put in some tracking options. You will append the impression & click trackers on your end.

Yieldmo will append any JS tags on their end (Moat, DV, IAS, etc.) Yieldmo will also append any redirect tags such as Millward Brown on our end.



8. After the tracking tab, you will need to associate your creative with a line item. Ensure the creative is linked on the Line Item and not the Campaign.


9. Target the Deal ID. Create a new campaign and under ‘Campaign Type’ select ‘Buy using deal targeting’.


10. Under deal targeting, select ‘Specify Deals to Include or Exclude’.


11. Click on ‘edit’ and select the Yieldmo deal.

12. Under basic set up, for ‘Buying Strategies’, ensure your Base CPM is greater than or equal to your floor CPM. Yieldmo recommends bidding a few dollars over the floor to ensure delivery.

13. Select ‘Serve on any inventory’.

14. Depending on where your device targeting is done (Line Item, Campaign, etc.), make sure you’re selecting all ‘Device and Supply Type’s, to ensure delivery across all mediums. Feel free to adjust if phone/tablet is all you’d like to serve against.