Why programmatic traders should work with SSPs and
DSPs that embrace ease of activation


With programmatic climbing to 86% of total digital display ad spend and an increase in total digital spend of nearly 25% year over year, it’s more important than ever to drive efficiencies in the media buying process. As a greater portion of media is transacted via Private Marketplace Deals (PMPs), the burden of manual deal setup between buyers and sellers can cause buyers to spend too much time on clerical tasks and even delay campaign start times. 

Despite the magic of programmatic, portions of the process remain surprisingly manual. Even after agreeing in principle to deal terms like placement, price, and start date, it can take multiple emails over hours or days to get the details of a deal approved by the right people, setup in each respective system, and for spending to start. Once the terms are agreed, operations professionals from the SSP and buyers at the DSP need to separately enter data and publish it for a deal to go live. This process is ripe for confusion and human error that can result in delays and frustration. Buyers should spend their time ensuring their client reaches their campaign KPIs with the best outcomes, not with clerical work. 

Enter DSP Deal setup and negotiation APIs

DSPs have begun rolling out Deal setup APIs to help smooth this process. By working with an SSP that embraces these changes, buyers can ensure they spend more time hitting client goals such as activating frictionless high impact formats, for video, display, and native, or spending on inventory curated for their KPI, rather than swiveling their chair and entering data. 

“When I was a buyer, deal setup was a meticulous, time consuming process that involved multiple teams (and even more email threads!) I’m thrilled Yieldmo and the industry as a whole are building toward a future where buyers can spend more time ensuring their client’s programmatic goals are being achieved and less time being bogged down in operational and setup processes” – Randy Doerr at Yieldmo, former buyer at Hearts & Science

Yieldmo is integrated with The Trade Desk’s Proposal API and DV360’s Seller API

We are pleased to announce that Yieldmo is now a certified partner with The Trade Desk’s Proposal API and DV360’s Seller API. DSP traders can now receive Yieldmo PMP Deals directly in the Trade Desk and DV360 interfaces via their dealsAPIs. This enables hands-on-keyboard traders to directly add Yieldmo deals to campaigns when managing The Trade Desk and DV360 activities across supply sources.

For The Trade Desk, the proposal represents a negotiation between seller and buyer and also contains a history of communication which happened during the negotiation. 

In both cases, everything is all in one place, it’s faster, less manual, and there is a much greater likelihood of an error-free activation.

Publishers care too

Publishers know that when they bring a deal to an API-integrated SSP, it is much more likely to be activated quickly and accurately. Additionally if they participate in a curated marketplace with other publishers driven by their SSP partner, they will access additional demand with minimal lift. Fast and accurate deal setup enables publishers to more easily experiment with inventory packaging and test monetization strategies. 

Removing human error and delays from the deal setup process creates a more scalable programmatic ecosystem that is ripe for growth. As the industry continues to evolve, working with partners that make execution easy will free up time to focus on its emerging challenges and opportunities. 

Get started with Yieldmo Deals by emailing sales@yieldmo.com.

For existing customers of The Trade Desk and DV360 that wish to activate via API, click below to view The Trade Desk  and DV360 guides.