Yieldmo’s highly-engaging ad formats elicit intentional interactions—swipes, scrolls, tilts, plays, lingers, and more. This previously unavailable gestural data delivers the truth about customers’ levels of interest. Partnering with a leading healthy snack company, Yieldmo’s data science team used this highly-detailed engagement and intent data to power machine learning models to reach just the right people—those who will pay attention.

How Does It Work?

  1. Machine learning mines our vast dataset for combinations of metrics and data points that reveal a propensity to view an ad.
  2. Groups of users are given a proprietary Yieldmo Engagement ScoreTM (YES) based on their interaction with the ad.
  3. Audiences with a high score are re-targeted, while users with a low score are dropped from the campaign to prevent wasted spend.

The impact?

Optimizing for viewability and time in view based on signals of intent and engagement led to 13% higher viewability and 30% longer dwell time with the ad, when compared to the control. The truth about customers’ interactions with ads not only provided interesting insight—this data directly improved the campaign performance and drove impact.