Turbo your auto | Results-driven mobile marketing


Peak season for auto demand means it is particularly critical for your ads to cut through the clutter and connect with potential customers. The good news? Yieldmo is here to help. Automotive marketing is right in our wheelhouse, with an 87% month-over-month client renewal rate.

Why do they keep coming back? Bottom line: Results. Those results come – in large part – from our proprietary, non-intrusive, mobile ad formats. We design every format to drive mobile engagement – getting people to click, linger, configure, find nearby dealerships; and, yes, even schedule test drives.

But that’s not all. We further rev up campaigns by layering 1st- and 3rd-party audience targeting. This allows us to reach pre-qualified auto-intenders at scale, all within our premium publisher environments.

Ready to turbo-charge your automotive marketing with singular formats, access to a premium marketplace and receptive audiences at scale? Drop us a line at turbomyauto@yieldmo.com – we’ll hook you right up.