TTD – How to traffic high impact formats


1. Once creative is approved, Yieldmo to send Deal ID(s), Floor Price(s), and Third Party Display Tag(s). Below is a snapshot of how this will be sent to you.

Spreadsheet containing deal ids


2. Next navigate to The Trade Desk and start the process to build creative.


3. Select ‘+New Creative’.


4. Select “Third Party Display” from the Creative Type list box. You will do this for all formats hosted on Yieldmo’s Ad Builder.


5. Paste the Third Party Display Tag provided by Yieldmo into this box. Click ‘Next’.


6. Name your creative.


7. Select “300×250 (Yieldmo High Impact Unit)” from the Ad Format list box. You will select this for any and all ad formats.


8. Add your Landing Page URLs.


9. Under ‘Securable’, always select ‘This creative may be served on secure web pages’. Click ‘Next’.


10. You can ignore this page. All JavaScript and Impression Tags have already been appended to your Third Party Display Tag. Click ‘Next’.


11. Input your flight dates and select your time zone. Click ‘Create’.


12. Select ‘Go to Creative’


13. You will now be able to Preview, Share, and Approve your creative!

Preview page