1. Navigate to the top right of TTD’s UI and select libraries. Go to ‘Publisher Management Platform’.

2. Click on ‘Delivery Profile’.

3. Next create a Delivery Profile. Click on ‘+Delivery Profile’.

4. Name the Delivery Profile, add the appropriate partners leveraging this Delivery Profile, and finally add the add the advertisers are allowed to (or not allowed to) use this Delivery Profile.

5. Navigate back to ‘First Party Inventory Contracts’.

6. Next create an Inventory Contract. Click on ‘+Inventory Contract’.

7. Name the Inventory Contract.

8. Select ‘Yieldmo’ as the Supply Vendor. Enter the Deal Code (also known as Deal ID) and Floor Price given to you by Yieldmo. Then click ‘Add Item’.

9. Select the Deal Code and hit ‘Next’.

10. Select the Delivery Profile associated with this deal. This is the ‘Delivery Profile’ we created in steps 1-4. Next click on ‘Complete’.

11. Finally, your deal ID has been created and now you can target this deal!