TTD Deal Set Up - Easy Proposal API


The Trade Desk can now receive Yieldmo PMP Deals directly in the Trade Desk interface via The Trade Desk Easy Proposal API. This enables hands-on-keyboard traders to automatically set up Private Contracts for deals, eliminating the need to manually create Private Contracts. Yieldmo will push PMPs directly to your Partner Seat ID, where they can be accessed in Inventory > Proposals.

Yieldmo is a proud adopter of this workflow, making PMP Deals a more central, easily activated part of achieving marketer goals.

Buyer Benefits

  • Premium, tailored inventory: Instant access to Yieldmo’s Deals customized to your campaign needs
  • Efficient: No need to copy/paste Deal IDs or search via email – easier to test when managing all of your campaigns
  • Fast: Activate deals with a few clicks. All you need to do is provide your TTD Seat ID to your Yieldmo rep.


1. Navigate to the Proposals tab in your Trade Desk UI. This can be found by going to the top level navigation for Inventory (left nav) –> Proposals (top tab). You can search for the proposal using the Proposal Name provided by your Yieldmo account manager.

2. You’ll receive a proposal from Yieldmo in your Trade Desk seat with one or more deals. For example, you’ll receive a group of KPI optimized deals with our frictionless high impact formats, for video, display, and native, all in the same proposal.

3. Review and confirm all of the details of your proposal.

4. (Required) Scroll down to the bottom to the “Delivery Profile” and select an existing delivery profile or create a new one. Delivery Profiles allows you to determine which Advertiser accounts have access to the deal. You may select “Include” to allow deal access to specific Advertisers. To allow deal access to all Advertisers under your Partner Seat, select “Exclude” and do not select any advertisers. 


5. Click “Accept” on the Proposal. 

6. Once the Proposal is accepted, simply click “Set Up” next to “Set up Contracts” on the right rail.

7. (Optional) The interface will open a pop up window for an optional step to add Private Contract deals to Contract Group. Contract groups allow you to bucket deals together into a package of deals. If you do not use Contract Groups on your campaigns, skip this step by exiting the contract group pop up window. 

8. The Proposal deals will now appear as individual Private Contracts under the Inventory > First-Party Contracts tab.

9. Please append the deal(s) to your Ad Group using the Private Contract targeting rail. Our best practice recommendation is to have Yieldmo deals broken out into separate Ad Groups.