TTD Deal Set Up - Easy Proposal API


DSP traders can now receive Yieldmo PMP Deals directly in the Trade Desk interface via a custom API. This enables hands-on-keyboard traders to directly add Yieldmo to campaigns when managing TTD activities across supply sources.

Yieldmo is a proud adopter of this workflow, making PMP Deals a more central, easily activated part of achieving marketer goals.

Buyer Benefits

  • Premium, tailored inventory: Instant access to Yieldmo’s Deals customized to your campaign needs
  • Efficient: No need to copy/paste Deal IDs or search via email – easier to test when managing all of your campaigns
  • Fast: Activate deals with a few clicks. All you need to do is provide your TTD Seat ID to your Yieldmo rep.

How It Works

  1. Navigate to the Proposals tab in your Trade Desk UI. This can be found by going to the top level navigation for Inventory (left nav) –> Proposals (top tab)
  2. You’ll receive a proposal from Yieldmo in your TradeDesk seat with one or more deals. For example, you’ll receive a group of KPI optimized deals with our frictionless high impact formats, for video, display, and native, all in the same proposal.
  3. You can accept, reject, or send a note.
  4.  If you accept, simply click to activate the deals and add them to contract groups where your campaigns are spending.

Get started with Yieldmo Deals: