TTD - Activate Yieldmo Supply


If you are actively using Supply Vendor targeting rails on Advertisers, Campaigns, or Ad Groups, ensure that Yieldmo is included in the Supply Vendor Rail. If no Supply Vendor targeting is applied, Yieldmo inventory will be automatically included. 

Supply Vendor Rail > Target List > Browse and Search “yieldmo”> Select Yieldmo



Activating Fixed Price Deals

When activating a fixed price deal in the trade desk, follow the below instructions. Note – the screenshots are from the Solimar instance, but the instructions apply to the Legacy instance as well.

Within the “Base and Max Bid” optimization tile, Predictive Clearing should be unchecked. The base bid can start at the deal’s fixed rate and the max bid can be set higher as our system will reduce the bids to the floor once they hit the Yieldmo exchange. The max bid can be set / adjusted based on the buyer’s strategy, but should overall lead to less lift and optimization on their end.  
TTD predictive clearing unchecked

The buyer also needs to make sure that in the “Private Contract” rail, the Help me reach private contract floor prices toggle is turned off: