The Challenge

Top tech brand’s goal was to drive down-funnel activity (landing page arrivals), and improve CTR and CPC. Yieldmo was selected as one of the partners to execute the campaign.


#1 performer for down-stream KPI: Yieldmo was the top campaign partner, helping the brand drive a high landing page view rate at .09 (benchmarked at .05).

Qualified Audience: Yieldmo’s user-friendly formats drove a more qualified audience, as shown by the comparison between CTR and LPVR. The competitive set drove a lower LPRV even with a higher click-through. Yieldmo drove the highest LPRV with fewer clicks, proving the efficiency of Yieldmo’s strategy.

Attention Optimization: Yieldmo was able to help the brand increase CTR while also improving on CPC


Yieldmo Solutions

Step 1: Run a PMP deal with Yieldmo’s high-impact, user-friendly formats Hyperscroller and Window to capture consumer attention as well as signal for curation. Layer on custom targeting and content curation.

Step 2: Allow Yieldmo’s machine learning to curate inventory in real-time to buyer KPIs. 

How the Yieldmo Contextual Curation Engine works: 

We differentiate inventory in real-time by examining dozens of signals per second on billions of impressions: situational, topical, environmental and attention-based, and curates inventory most likely to deliver results.

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