Top Insurer Reduces Incremental Cost per Sale by 80%



A Top Insurer selected Yieldmo as a partner to drive new insurance quotes and improve on their IMCPS (Incremental Cost per Sale). The brand’s goal was to drive significant incremental customer quotes, those that would not have happened organically but instead were influenced by the campaign, while doing so under their desired benchmark and without adding pixels to their page


  1. Run an effective instream video and standard display campaign to spur action and combine with smart curation to find the highest performing inventory
  1. Tailor inventory curation and optimizations to the brand’s business objectives. Yieldmo utilized its Smart Curation Engine to exceed the buyer’s goals, and did so without requiring an advertiser pixel. This engine works by examining dozens of signals per second on billions of impressions: situational, topical, environmental and attention-based, and curates inventory most likely to deliver results. 


Yieldmo delivered superior performance with an 80% decrease (saving $800!) in incremental cost per sale. Efficient, Strategic Partner for long-term growth: Yieldmo curated the campaign toward high-CTR inventory, optimizing away from poor performers, which ensured the brand bought the inventory most likely to convert. By buying a higher proportion of high click-through inventory on the most contextually relevant placements, more consumers asked for quotes with far less waste, driving down the incremental cost per sale.  

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