Top Financial Brand Scales Spend 74% and Achieves 14% CPA Improvement


The Challenge

A Top Financial brand selected Yieldmo as a partner to drive conversions (New Customer Credit Card Application Completion rate) and improve on their CPA (Cost of Application Complete). The brand’s goal was to drive significant application conversions, while maintaining the cost of doing so under their desired benchmark.

Yieldmo’s Solution

1. Run an effective native display unit designed to spur action – the Yieldmo Flexcard – and combine with contextual targeting. 

2. Tailor optimizations to the brand’s business objectives. Yieldmo utilized its Contextual Curation Engine to achieve the buyer’s goals. This engine works by examining dozens of signals per second on billions of impressions: situational, topical, environmental and attention-based, and curates inventory most likely to deliver results.

Winning Results

Top performer for downstream KPI: Yieldmo delivered a high conversion rate (New Customer Credit Card Application Completion rate) of 68% and CPA (Cost of Application Complete) under $50. Efficient, Strategic Partner for long-term growth: Yieldmo helped the brand scale spend 74% over the course of two quarters while still achieving CTR and CPA improvements.

Yieldmo has exceeded our KPI benchmarks being one of the most efficient partners we have with a CPA (cost per application complete) of under $50 and high New Customer Application Completion rate of 68%.

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