In our latest case study, we reveal how a top CPG brand used AEROS Attention Analytics PMP for higher video completion and viewability rates.

The Challenge

A major CPG brand was already seeing strong performance on our open exchange but wanted to see if they could drive their KPIs of video completion rate (VCR) and viewability even higher

Our Solution

We created a PMP for the brand, which was automatically optimized for AEROS Attention Analytics.

The PMP focused on inventory-based tactics that would optimize specifically toward video completions while maintaining high viewability. 

How AEROS Attention Analytics optimizes:

  1. The technology picks up on human attention signals multiple times a second, as well as other impressions and page data.
  2. The data is used to train machine learning modules, which can predict impression performance and determine PMP buys that are likely to lift the desired KPI.


Winning Results

The AEROS Attention Analytics PMP beat the brand’s KPI goal, lifting their VCR performance 14% to an all time high of 79%.

Achieved higher VCR and viewability improvement (5%) without increasing cost.

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