Top Auto Brand Increases Conversions by 35% and CPA by 24%


The Challenge

A top auto brand selected Yieldmo as a partner to help spur on site actions and drive an efficient CPA. Over the course of 2020, the brand’s goal was to use localized dealership data and enhanced ad units to achieve benchmarks.

Yieldmo’s Solution

Step 1 – Run a display unit with a Dynamic Creative Optimization tag, which updated local deals based on consumer location. Layer on contextual and data targeting.

Step 2 – Yieldmo’s Contextual Curation Engine utilized unique signals on every transaction to curate inventory toward the client’s KPI, Cost Per Landing Page visit.

The Contextual Curation focused on two attention elements:

1. Targeting attentive users – those who’d displayed higher attention rates
2. Selecting attentive impressions – impressions with high attention rates

*Yieldmo’s attention rate is calculated based on a number of attention signals which include gestures such as phone tilts, scrolls, and touches of the creative format as well as other granular page and impression data. Attention data is combined with situational, topical, and environmental signals for a complete contextual picture. Our machine learning then curates inventory in real-time to more performant impressions.

Winning Results

When measuring results from the first half of the control study vs. Yieldmo’s Contextual Curation, the auto brand achieved increased conversions • 35% conversion lift (action on site) • 24% CPA savings (cost per site action)

phone with auto ad