Maybe you know us for our custom, consumer-centric mobile ad experiences. But a big secret to our success? Our premium private marketplace. We’ve stealthily built the largest independent mobile network in the U.S. (just behind Google, Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo), enabling us to reach 80% of U.S. smartphone users*, comprised of more than 1,400 of the top mobile destinations, and 99.4% fraud-free.

In 2016, by popular demand, we opened up our private marketplace, dramatically widening access to the formats for which we’re famous. We forged some really nice hook-ups between premium DSPs and our marketplace. Who, you ask? In DSP-land, it’s all the biggies, The Trade Desk, Criteo, DBM, MediaMath, AppNexus and more.

Bully for us. But what does that mean for you, dear marketer? Killer performance. Spanning all formats, CTR via Yieldmo programmatic spiked by 48% in the last four quarters alone, followed by some sweet CPM efficiencies for publishers and marketers alike. The ultimate win-win.

Say whaaa? The clue here is in ALL formats, available only through Yieldmo, running on traditional 300×250 inventory. Even our high-performing Flexplay and Windowplay high impact formats are available via this multi-format super-auction. That’s right, you can even run video ads in a 300×250 frame (where completion rates also go up, not to worry).

Here’s a handy checklist to get you started

  1. Select Yieldmo inventory in your DSP dashboard
  2. Frame your terrific creative in an engagement-driving, people-pleasing format
  3. Reach your target audiences, with contextual placement, on premium publisher environments spanning all content
  4. Watch your CTRs shoot up, CPMs drive down

Questions, comments? Want to know if your DSP-of-choice is on-board? Give us a shout and we’ll let you know.