The Challenge

A top tech brand’s goal was to drive down-funnel activity (landing page arrivals), and improve CTR and CPC. Yieldmo was selected as one of the partners.


 #1 performer for down-stream KPI: Yieldmo was the top campaign partner, helping the brand drive a high landing page view rate at .09 (benchmarked at .05).

Qualified Audience: Yieldmo’s user-friendly formats drove a more qualified audience, as shown by the comparison between CTR and LPVR. The competitive set drove a lower LPRV even with a higher click-through. Yieldmo drove the highest LPRV with fewer clicks, proving the efficiency of Yieldmo’s strategy.

Attention Optimization: Yieldmo was able to help the brand increase CTR while also improving on CPC.

Yieldmo Solutions

Step 1: Run PMP with high-impact, user-friendly formats Hyperscroller and Window to capture consumer attention as well as attention signal. Layer on custom targeting and content curation.

Step 2: Optimize the high-impact PMP with AEROS Attention Analytics.

How AEROS Attention Analytics optimizes:  

  1. We capture baseline, gestural and ad impression data multiple times per second which gives us powerful insight into ad performance, such as who is paying attention and when
  2. We use this data to optimize campaigns in real time to drive the highest results for our clients
  3. By feeding this data into machine learning models, we can predict impression performance and determine the right buys for a given KPI

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