From seven-layer bean dips, spicy hot wings, and pulled pork sandwiches, the Super Bowl is an event like no other. According to Fox Sport, last year averaged 100.45M million viewers on Fox. And according to a recent article, ViacomCBS is reportedly asking $5.5M for 30-second ads during the 2021 Super Bowl. (That’s about $183,333 per second if you’re curious.)

Even if it’s one of the only TV events where viewers look forward to watching the commercials, we know there is another device vying for their attention – phones. Thankfully, that’s where Yieldmo comes in.

Our research has found that brands looking to supplement their Big Game TV campaigns with small screen digital buys see the bigger payoff for the campaign on the whole when they work with Yieldmo. 

Last year, we sampled some of the national advertisers Super Bowl advertisers who also ran on the Yieldmo Marketplace, and we measured attention before and after the 2020 Super Bowl, Using Yieldmo’s AEROS Attention Analytics, we measured the real-time ways users interacted with the ads before and after the Big Game to see if there were changes to the ads’  attention rates.  And there was:

Hyundai, Bud Light, Toyota, and Squarespace ran commercials that did well in driving 10-22% more attention on the Yieldmo Marketplace post-Super Bowl. For these and other brands, compelling creative combined with a comprehensive cross-screen strategy proved effective in driving attention even after the game was over.*Yieldmo’s attention rate is calculated based on a number of attention signals, which include gestures such as phone tilts, scrolls, and touches of the creative format. Our analysis does not reflect the overall or relative ranking of these ads but rather a small sample of the active campaigns that met criteria such as being active on the Yieldmo Marketplace for periods before and after the Super Bowl.

We know that making your advertising dollars work harder this year is going to be more critical than ever which is why it’s important to leverage the right contextual and PMP opportunities at optimal timing around the Big Game. Curious about how to make the most out of a PMP? Check out our best practices guide here!

New for this year, we’ve created customizable NFL Marketplace packages to take your campaign to the next level. These packages are:

Even if you’re not advertising on TV during the game, these packages make it easy to target your audiences before and during the Big Game on the Yieldmo Marketplace with audience segmentation based on men’s interests, sports, and gaming publishers. You can choose from multiple packages that work best for your NFL-driven campaign.

Hosted by Yieldmo in partnership with Oracle/Bluekai, with no data fee to the advertiser, here are some sample audience breakdowns:

With Smart Inventory, each Private Marketplace contains AEROS Attention Analytics power and is also designed to select optimal placements with and without cookies, enabling you to target contextually or user-based in real-time.

Click here to download the Super bowl PMP One Sheet.

So, whether you’re thinking about advertising during the Super Bowl for the first time or the twentieth time, talk to Yieldmo about finding a solution that is right for you by emailing us at