Smart Exchange

Yieldmo’s smart exchange spans all screens and devices connecting premium publishers to world-class advertising brands.

What sets our Exchange apart from others? Each impression is delivered on responsive formats designed to capture consumer attention and contextual signals.

These privacy-friendly, granular signals are captured in real-time for use in our AI-driven Contextual Optimization Engine, which optimizes without the buyer doing extra work.

Finally, smart filtration of bidstream data provides demand-side efficiency, with or without cookies.

Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory yields higher bid rates win (hold space for stat)%

Smart inventory selection based on deep page, user, and creative metadata. In addition to world-class content on every screen, we use machine learning to select the most optimal impressions, from the publisher page, to the DSP, to within the campaign.

Impression Data

For each impression, we take into account the user, advertiser and creative attributes. With granular data such as page metadata, position on screen, and more, we can create a holistic view of the page in real-time.

Demand-Side Efficiency

We capture actionable information in the bidstream and pass better traffic to your DSP - pre-qualified and likely to perform. So it’s efficiently filtered on both ends.

Ultimate Media Optimization

Publisher data, bidstream data, combined with Contextual Optimization Engine all work to maximize your campaign. Our predictive analytics optimize to campaign goals in real-time.

Contextual Optimization Engine is cookie-agnostic, selecting efficient impressions for audience-based or contextual needs. With inventory hooks and predictive data insights associated with creative and inventory, you can monetize non-addressable inventory and future-proof your campaign targeting strategy.