2020 has been a year of unexpected change and shifting budgets. As brand safety and privacy have become increasingly important, publishers continue to adapt their strategies to ensure healthy monetization. As we head into Q4 and prepare for 2021, use this checklist to ensure your revenue reaches its potential.

Yieldmo Publisher Revenue Optimization

Use the below checklist to ensure maximum yield from the Yieldmo Marketplace. Feel free to reach out to your account manager for more information or help with any of the below.


  • Ad Slots: Does Yieldmo have the most updated mappings?
  • Ads.txt & App-ads.txt: Are your entries present and correct?
  • Bidder Health: Are timeouts and error rates in check?
  • Block List: Can any blocks be removed or refined?
  • Expansion: Are all of your sites and apps live?
  • Floors: Have you calibrated minimums?
  • Formats: Are all Yieldmo formats approved and enabled?
  • Match Rate: Does your Prebid implementation leverage the Unified ID?
  • Reseller Demand: Are entries implemented if appropriate?
  • Viewability: Is your inventory optimized to capture spend?
General Optimization

As 2021 approaches, a holistic revenue approach is important in the face of new trends and a changing industry.


  • Programmatic: Ensure ad stack and tech stack are optimized, along with programmatic direct and other channels. Video and OTT strategy are becoming increasingly important, as well as a forward-looking analytics and data strategy.
  • User experience: Content quality is as important as ever, along with social engagement. This year end is a good one to review traffic growth strategies and strengthen the relationships with your readers. Page load and relevant contextual ads are especially important, as are reviewing brand safety and fraudulent traffic to avoid blocklists and other potential revenue roadblocks.
  • Revenue Diversification: As always, revenue diversification remains important in the context of this year – aside from programmatic, adaptable publishers should continue to explore and bolster their other sources of revenue. First-party data will become more of a focus as the cookieless future gets closer.