Programmatic solutions designed to drive optimal media performance


Yieldmo is a smarter version of an exchange. Using a combination of high-scale infrastructure, unique predictive signals, and real-time inventory curation, we enhance the value of inventory for buyers and sellers to drive positive outcomes. When we surface an ad opportunity to a buyer, we enhance it with information around KPIs that makes it fundamentally different and more valuable than what others do with that same impression opportunity. It may be the same placement but it's not the same value. This enhanced value leads to happier buyers and better monetization for sellers.

We serve high-quality impressions on all screens and formats. We deliver billions of ad impressions every month on behalf of some of the largest advertisers in the world.

Powered by Yieldmo’s Smart Curation Engine, the Smart Exchange helps buyers and sellers make better decisions in real-time. We start by collecting a suite of privacy-compliant signals that help predict performanceattention signals, like gestures, interest, and visibility, and environmental signals , like situational and timing. We model that data with data science and use smart curation to maximize outcomes, leading to an average KPI lift of 75%, additive to DSP optimization. All of this lift is executed via Smart Deals.



Transact through pre-curated PMP deals optimized to deliver KPIs on high quality addressable and non-addressable inventory. Smart Deals can target our proprietary attention rate as a KPI, or use attention as an ingredient to better predict standard KPIs like CTR, viewability, VCR, and conversions.



Buy non-addressable inventory on the open web. Dynamically curated, always-on, and privacy-friendly, our marketplace can help you find impressions your audience-based strategies have been missing.


Access quality video inventory, with billions of requests daily from premium publishers for all screens.

Smart Formats and Dynamic Format Optimization

Deliver high-quality creative brand experiences with our unique advertising formats designed to work everywhere. Proprietary units spanning video, display, and native environments; high-impact and standard. Our high-impact formats garner 2X more attention than standard formats.

We’ve connected the dots between creative and machine learning with Dynamic Format Optimization, which chooses the best performing creative format in real time, leading to an additional 30-50% performance increase.


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