PMP Checklist and Best Practices


PMP Campaign Checklist:

  • What is the budget for this campaign? While we realize programmatic budgets are typically fluid, a rough idea will allow the Yieldmo team to assist with monitoring pacing. Keep in mind that DSPs take a 20-30% cut.
  • What is the flight dates for this campaign?
  • What are the KPIs for this campaign? With this direction, Yieldmo will provide ad format recommendations and can share mid-campaign insights to help with optimization.
  • Do you have a white list or a black list? What is the overlap with Yieldmo?
  • How many deal IDs do we need for this campaign? Please keep in mind deals are linked to the creative and depend on the format, targeting, and inventory.
  • What geo targeting are you applying within your DSP?
  • What audience targeting are you applying within your DSP?
  • What frequency cap are you applying within your DSP?
  • What other targeting do you plan on leveraging (Including pre-bid filters, blocking tags, viewability tracking, etc.)?
  • What tags do you plan on leveraging such as DCM, Moat, IAS, DV, Millward Brown, Nielsen, etc.?

Yieldmo PMP Best Practices and Scaling Recos:

  • Targeting: iOS Safari blocks 3p cookies and because of this, Yieldmo always recommends to run a contextual deal ID alongside data in order to reach scale across iOS and Android.

    • Site Lists:When to apply on YM’s end- If you’re open to going as granular at the domain placement level (i.e. Arts/Entertainment In-Content) rather than just running at the domain level (i.e.
    • When to apply within the DSP- 1) if your client does not allow for the WL/ BL to be shared with partners or 2) if the WL/ BL is at the domain level.
    • Data: When to apply on YM’s end- YM has a partnership with Oracle/ Bluekai where clients can access the data with no inflated CPMs. If you’re utilizing this partnership, the segments ne ed to be applied on YM’s end. Also, if you’re utilizing YM data such as AEROS.
    • When to apply within the DSP- When utilizing any 1st party data and/or 3rd party data that isn’t included in YM’s Oracle/ Bluekai partnership.
    • Other Targeting: Please make YM aware of any other targeting tactics you plan on utilizing (i.e. Keywords, Custom ) so we can arm the client with our recommendation.

  • Frequency Capping: Yieldmo utilizes a YM ID when frequency capping, whereas DSPs typically are cookie-based. Similar to the above, since iOS Safari blocks 3p cookies, we recommend to allow us to manage in order to cap across all mobile environments.

  • Brand Safety or Viewability Pre-Bids:
    • Brand Safety: Yieldmo has 99.6% non-invalid traffic, as measured by Moat, so clients can feel comfortable loosening brand safety parameters. Also, applying negative keywords as a brand safety lever instead of pre-bid rules can help with scaling.
    • Keep in mind blocking tags do not work on YM inventory
    • Viewability: Yieldmo only pushes high viewable inventory to every deal ID that is created. We always recommend not applying any viewability threshold within the DSP and instead, allowing Yieldmo to utilize their Moat partnership to monitor/ optimize throughout the campaign.

  • Bidding Strategy: Yieldmo operates on a first priced auction. We typically recommend starting with bids around $2-3 above our floor price but this can change based on how niche the audience is. Please be aware of any bid shading algorithms that could be happening within the DSP, since bids could be entering the auction lower than intended.

  • Mobile Environment: Yieldmo inventory is about 95% mobile web and 5% in-app. We’re always looking to add in more inventory but please keep this in mind when applying the deal ID to a line item/ ad group. You’ll want to make sure mobile web, app, and tablet are the only environments selected.

  • Separate Line Item/Ad group: Although we know this isn’t always an option, we typically recommend to breakout the Yieldmo PMP into its own line item/ ad group. This way, you can push a specific budget towards our deal instead of finding your audience elsewhere across the OX or another PMP. With more scale towards the deal, it will allow us more room to make optimizations and performance will benefit from this. Also, separating the Yieldmo PMP will allow you to make targeting changes specific to our mobile environment to help with scale.