Pinger Tech

Beneath the creative design and interactive surfaces of our mobile ad formats, lies a powerful, proprietary technology called Pinger that makes this optimization possible.

Yieldmo’s patented technology allows us to collect, organize, analyze, optimize and store more than 3 Terabytes of data every day and use that data to optimize campaign results in real time.

Fluid Data Streams

A touch on the smartphone transfers electrical pulses from our finger to the screen. Pinger captures a wealth of signals from mobile ads. From the time the ad is served until it moves out of view, we capture exactly what’s happening to the ad itself and how a consumer is interacting with that ad, multiple times a second.

We track how and when people touch, scroll, swipe, scroll back — all the gestural signs that indicate interest in a product or service.

When Pinger captures this immense amount of data it doesn’t slow the page load, and it does it fluidly in real-time, in a privacy-friendly way.

Meaningful Gestures

Meaningful Gestures We know not all gestures are intentional. So we don’t rely on a single gestural signal to determine attention.

We have unique formats with their own unique animation (Hyperscroller, Windowplay) - and many of our gestural data only triggers if someone does something with that ad format.

Every gesture has a threshold it needs to meet to count as a gesture. For example, a Tilt needs to meet X degree of inclination before we classify it as a tilt .

Our machine learning models a constellation of signals that predict outcomes and trains our models on the meaningful combinations of signals that predict results. We combine baseline, gestural and impression data for a complete picture of the ad experience.

Predictive Analytics

We can plug attention data back into the marketplace to optimize campaigns almost immediately allowing brands to get faster intelligence and drive higher performance while minimizing unproductive spend.