Our Story

Our mission from Day 1:

Elevate the digital ad experience for consumers, advertisers, and publishers.

Since 2012, we’ve delivered great advertising by harnessing the power of data and design.

We started by focusing on the consumer experience by creating Yieldmo’s Ad Formats Lab. We set out to design beautiful creative formats to be the canvasses creative agencies used to enhance and highlight their work. We wanted to ensure they could create ads that consumers would actually enjoy–using formats that we believed would capture attention, deliver brand messages in a compelling way, and that could seamlessly fit within a premium content environment. Some of the best-performing, visually compelling formats in the world – like the HyperscrollerTM – was conceived from our lab.

The Yieldmo Marketplace was designed not only to support high quality formats, but also high-quality inventory, comprised exclusively of premium publishers including CNN, Condé Nast, Meredith, Vox Media, Hearst, CBSi, IBM/Weather, Gannett, Match Media, Nexstar, Zynga, Complex, eBay, dotDash, and Insider Inc. We deliver billions of ad impressions every month on behalf of some of the largest advertisers in North America. Our marketplace and formats were both mobile-first, so we’re experts on the most personal devices consumers use every day.

And most importantly, we built the power of attention data into every Yieldmo Format and every ad that runs through our Marketplace. Our technology captures micro-interactions people have with the ad – gestures, swipes, scrolls, tilts, lingers, and more. And as we captured this data, we began to help brands optimize for audience targeting, frequency and reach, creatives, and even bigger, custom business goals. These powerful data sets, combined with intelligent machine learning capabilities became AEROS Attention Analytics.

AEROS Attention Analytics analyzes billions of data points across 60+ signals to paint a picture for brands and publishers as they elevate media campaigns, build better creatives, and ultimately deliver a superior ad experience for consumers. They can leverage this data on and off our Marketplace, for online and offline media. This is Making Attention Actionable.

Yieldmo is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in North America and is backed by premier investors including Google Ventures and Union Square Ventures.

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