Multicultural and Inclusion Focused Deals Offers Simple Way to Support Underrepresented Communities


Here at Yieldmo, we recognize that diversity is a strength.  We believe that the journey to becoming an inclusive organization starts with awareness and empathy. As the world around us is ever-changing, we look for ways to be receptive to what’s different, not the status quo. With diversity comes valuable perspectives, innovation and impactful thought leadership. We are committed to move from statement to practice, and further embed the strength of diversity, inclusion and equity into the DNA of Yieldmo.

And while monthly celebrations are a great reminder of the work that still needs to be done, thirty days out of the year are not enough to fully support these underrepresented communities. One of the many benefits of the Yieldmo Exchange is the unmatched access to our curated Private Marketplace Deals, created especially to amplify often marginalized groups within the publishing world. 

Multicultural and Inclusion Focused Deals make it easier to connect buyers with underserved communities. These Deals give buyers simple, pre-curated solutions to diversify their media spend. Through these Deals,  we are promoting  DE&I, Black, Hispanic, Women, and AAPI-owned and/or dedicated publisher content to amplify underrepresented voices,  and make it easier for buyers to support these publishers. 

Our Multicultural and Inclusion Focused Deals are always on and curated to perform for your campaign. They are enhanced with next-generation formats and AEROS optimization to easily and instantly turn on campaigns and start testing results. Some of the benefits include:

  • Superior Quality: Premium, brand-safe, fraud-free inventory
  • Precise: We find the optimal combinations of impression attributes to target, and uncover efficient pockets of high-performance inventory that standard targeting might miss
  • Optimize: We apply machine learning to model all the attributes of the impression, granular page signals and user signals to reliably boost CTR, VCR, viewability, and other KPIs at scale
  • Real time: We constantly feed in new signals & results to select better inventory on the fly

While there is still much work to be done to unravel the effects of systemic racism, creating opportunities to keep these underrepresented voices front of mind is important and is just one step in Yieldmo’s journey to bring more diversity and equity to the ad tech space. 

To activate these pre-curated Multicultural and Inclusion Focused  deals, select them in the DV360 UI or reach out to the team here to transfer them to your DSP of choice.