MediaMath – How to Traffic High Impact Formats


1. Once the creative(s) is approved, Yieldmo will send Deal ID(s) and Floor Price(s). Below is a snapshot of how this will be sent to you.

Deal IDs spreadsheet


2. Navigate to the Creatives tab and click on ‘Add Creative’ and select ‘Upload Assets’

Upload wizard

Red box around Upload Assets selection


3. Select your advertiser and browse for your dummy creative file

Self Serve selection


Please Note:

  • The dummy image must be sized so that the auto-detected dimensions are 136×136. If you want to run on Yieldmo, the creative dimensions of the dummy image must be this size. You can use the below asset:


Sample dummy image


4. Select the dummy creative by clicking on the check box. On the same page, make sure to add your click through URL. This should match the URL you send Yieldmo when working with them to create your assets via their Ad Builder.

Select png


5. Save & Finish


6. Take note of the MM creative ID assigned to the dummy image, you will need to share this MM creative ID with Yieldmo.

Red box around image ID


7. If you want to add any 3rd party tags, you can do this by clicking the settings icon for your dummy creative.


**Please Note: **The only exception here is 3rd party click trackers. These need to be appended on Yieldmo’s end in their Ad Builder.