Yieldmo SSP

The Yieldmo SSP delivers quality impressions through Video, Native, and Display.

  • Premium content: We are a highly curated marketplace, with some of the highest whitelist overlaps. We only put ads next to quality content.
  • Built for performance: Our ads are viewable, brand-safe, audience-friendly, and capture attention.
  • Easy transactions: We are directly integrated with all major DSPs. Buy through the open exchange, PMP, or managed service.

Attention-catching Formats

Put your finest creatives to work through our visually stunning formats. We serve Video, Native, and Display ads on mobile web, in-app, and desktop.

Perfect Vertical Compatibility

We designed and handpicked formats perfect for each vertical. And we’ve also analyzed the historical performance of Yieldmo Formats against vertical-specific KPIs to make smart recommendations for your next campaign.

For example, our Pull format is perfect for eCommerce because it was built for storytelling and sequential messaging on the smaller mobile screen. Your natural scroll controls movement between the three panes. It hits KPIs such as viewability, landing page visits, and overall awareness, important for eCommerce brands.

Sophisticated Optimization

Capture the most elusive signals of attention – what happens between the view and the click.

  • Advanced signals: our reporting uncovers insights you’ve never seen before that tell the true story of consumer interest – how long someone lingered on an ad, whether the person scrolled back or tilted the phone, and other actions. We measure 60+ signals to give you unique metrics unavailable elsewhere.
  • Audience insights: understand who is paying attention. Target attentive users with nuanced messaging, and create strategies for capturing inattentive users. The AEROS Attention Analytics retarget pool is often 50X as large as click-based pools.
  • Unlimited optimization power: boost your campaign performance, and optimize for other dimensions and scenarios beyond brand awareness and conversion. Get an inside look on frequency, creatives, and more. Take action on holistic business goals at scale.