Yieldmo Marketplace is comprised of premium publishers, carefully curated to deliver ads that capture attention and drive brand success. We are the first-ever marketplace powered by AEROS Attention Analytics, which captures real-time information on human interaction with the ad beyond the view. Our Video, Native, and Display Formats capture interest, better views, and more clicks. Run on the premium marketplace designed to yield the highest level of awareness and performance.

Buy Better Inventory

Run on a premium marketplace with only high-quality publishers across all environments (Mobile, In-app, Desktop). Easily transact through Open Exchange or PMP. We also operate one of the largest independent ad marketplaces.

Deliver Impactful Advertising

Yieldmo’s Formats boost performance for brands. Our Video, Native, and Display formats were designed to be the perfect vehicle to conveying the brand message and attracting the right audience. Our Formats respond to user interaction with the advertisement. They interact with the page and seamlessly contour to phone movements. Create the highest-performing ads and grow brand awareness with our unique Formats. For a list of our patents, click here.

Surpass KPIs

The Yieldmo Marketplace is powered by AEROS Attention Analytics, which means every ad harnesses the wealth of data that occurs beyond the view. We know which audiences paid attention to your ads by measuring scrolls, time spent, physical tilts of the phone and many more attention signals. Through our massive set of privacy-safe data points, we target attentive audiences and optimize for multiple dimensions including creative, frequency, format, and business metrics like brand lift and ROI. And our machine learning algorithms create smart optimizations for all verticals.

Accept Only Superior Technology

What’s inside our tech that makes us such a high-performing marketplace? We empower our clients with a unique mix of these four elements:

  1. Create: We create attention-driven ad experiences with unique Video, Native, and Display formats.
  2. Measure: We track and measure billions of real-time attention signals based on your consumer’s phone interactions.
  3. Model: We use intelligent machine learning algorithms to analyze attention data, enabling sophisticated targeting, creative/frequency analysis, campaign planning and more.
  4. Optimize: We maximize your brand’s performance with advanced media strategy customizable to your business needs.

Put us to the test. See what Yieldmo Marketplace can do for your campaign performance.