Major Beverage Company Increases VCR by 150% and Attention
by 75% with Curation + Dynamic Format Optimization


The Challenge

A Major Beverage company selected Yieldmo as a partner to reach their audience in brand safe environments on outstream while beating their viewability and VCR benchmark. The brand’s goal was to establish a scalable, repeatable Smart Deal where they could reach their audience efficiently and effectively. 

Yieldmo’s Solution

  1. Run an effective outstream video campaign to spur action and combine with smart curation to find the highest performing inventory.
  1. Tailor inventory curation and optimizations to the brand’s business objectives. Yieldmo’s Smart Curation Engine works by collecting unique, articular attention and environmental signals, and using machine learning to predict KPI performance at the inventory level. 
  1. Use Dynamic Format Optimization to elevate creative performance further, after the impression is won. DFO automatically serves the optimal format for every impression opportunity.  
  1. The client applied brand safety and audience data on the buy-side, enabling them to easily access this deal within their current workflows. 

Winning Results

Yieldmo delivered superior performance, increasing VCR by 150% over their base targeting, and saving 60% in CPM compared to benchmarks. This also resulted in increasing the Yieldmo attention rate by 75%. Yieldmo’s Smart Curation lift is above any DSP-level optimization.

Efficient, scalable, performant Smart Deals.  Yieldmo curated the campaign toward high-VCR,  which ensured the brand bought the inventory most likely to complete. Yieldmo then optimized the best performing format to drive further performance and determine which formats didn’t perform well for the campaign (and remove them from the rotation).  All of this was executed at efficient rates and without significant effort or changes to buyer workflows. 


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