Major Auto Brand Leverages Contextual Curation to Prepare for the Cookieless Future


The Challenge

A top auto brand selected Yieldmo as a partner for their sports line campaign. As cookies begin to go away, the goal was to leverage attention and other important signals to curate inventory for campaign success. For the campaign itself, the brand wanted to ensure that their creative was resonating and driving performance. The brand ran three creatives, looking to deliver on CTR, VCR, and Attention Rate benchmarks.

Yieldmo’s Solution

1. Use Yieldmo’s patented high-impact formats Megashopper, Lookbook, and Hyperscroller to elevate the user experience and look and feel of the creative, as well as capture more signal for curation.

2. Apply Yieldmo contextual curation and layer on the brand’s proprietary data for targeting. Yieldmo takes in the entirety of the advertising opportunity, including signals that are Situational, Topical, Attention-based, Environmental, and is not dependent on cookies or user IDs. We collect dozens of signals per second on billions of impressions to increase the value of addressable and non-addressable inventory and maximize KPI lift and campaign performance.

campaign stats

*From left to right: Megashopper, Lookbook, and Hyperscroller