Major Auto Brand Increases Viewability by
15% While Reducing ECPM 30%


The Campaign

The client ran a high-impact display campaign that combined Yieldmo’s proprietary Flexbanner format (consisting of several micro-effects to enhance standard display creative), a third-party dynamic creative optimization (DCO) partner, and Yieldmo’s inventory curation to drive viewability and maximize results.

Winning Results

Yieldmo’s Smart Exchange delivered high-performance, low-cost inventory for the brand. Yieldmo’s Contextual Curation Engine found the right inventory for the campaign by taking in Situational, Topical, Attention-based and Environmental signals to identify the right impressions to deliver the brand’s KPIs. Compared to the start of the campaign, the brand’s team pulled levers on the buy side to drive down eCPMs by nearly 30%, and Yieldmo curation increased viewability from under 60% to over 75% during the same time period, leading to dramatically increased results overall.

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