The Challenge

A top streaming service wanted to drive quality traffic to their site and improve CTR performance for the launch of their original series.

Our Solution

Rather than simply relying on viewability and click data to gauge interest and intent, the client leveraged Yieldmo’s AEROS Attention Analytics to measure attention signals (such as active scrolls, tilts, touches) to create a deeper picture of users’ interest with the client’s brand. The campaign then showed their attentive audience a creative with a different call to action. 

How AEROS Attention Analytics optimizes: 

  1. The technology picks up on human attention signals multiple times a second, as well as other impression and page data
  2. The data is used to train machine learning models, which can predict impression performance and determine PMP buys that are likely to lift the desired KPI 



By optimizing based on attention signals, AEROS Attention Analytics increased the campaign reach 64X compared to audiences based on traditional strategies. Running the AEROS-optimized campaign resulted in a 39% lift in CTR for the client’s campaign and achieved a CTR 24% higher Yieldmo’s format benchmark. 

Interestingly, CTR improved significantly among users who spent more time with the creative in-view, and the AEROS campaign saw a median exposure time 79% higher.