Imagine this classic holiday moment: You’ve found the perfect Paw Patrol gift for your nephew: Marshall pajamas and a slick new Chase face mask! You click pay, ship to California, and you’re well on your way to securing your place as aunt/uncle of the year. Until you receive the dreaded text, “Oliver says he no longer likes Paw Patrol. LEGO Ninjago only gifts, please.” 

Just like stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, and rumors of scarcity, the best-laid plans often get off track before they’ve had the chance to be effective. 

In our final holiday blog series post, we’ll explore how it’s never too late to meet your holiday Q4 KPIs or add some extra frosting to your Q1 plans with a partner like Yieldmo.

First, it’s important to look at the big picture and realize that old tactics may not work as well in a post-Covid world. This means brands should look outside the walled gardens to a partner like Yieldmo for more efficient and effective solutions. 

By tapping into Yieldmo’s marketplace, brands have access to more targeted audiences. You can track, measure, and optimize billions of real-time attention signals based on consumers’ real, not projected, phone interactions with content. No need to wait weeks or months for insights.  Yieldmo real-time analytics allows you to make changes to your campaign to capture the consumers attention and drive toward your campaign goals.

As we touched a bit in the first post of this series, one route for brands not seeing the performance they were expecting can also look to adapt campaign messaging to fit the timely trends, cultural narrative, and on-the-fly promotions. Our in-house team of designers can tailor your creative at any time, with a quick 24-hour turnaround.

And finally, maybe that means utilizing a different ad format to engage this changing audience. Ad formats such as the Ticker conveys a sense of urgency, counting down a sale or launch in real-time. This in-content action format works best for bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns aimed at driving your audience to action. Combining time-based actions with plenty of inputs for text and images, the Ticker is a prevalent format. Impulse buyers beware.

And Lookbook is a totally immersive mobile experience that quickly takes your customers from inspiration to information. An eye-catching image showcases multiple separate products or features, while pulsating hotspots encourage customers to tap to reveal more details and navigate to your site. Whether showing off a complete outfit or the new features inside the latest car model, or anything in-between, the Lookbook is a great way to entice customers to learn more and take action.

Anytime there is a crisis that impacts the economy, marketers need to focus on becoming more agile by looking outside the box to test, trial, innovate, and evolve.  If your ad partner isn’t delivering on those objectives, it’s time to find a new partner. 

The holidays will be here before and gone before you know it. With many brands looking to Q4 to recoup lost revenue, it’s never too late to deliver on your goals with Yieldmo!

There are several ways to work with Yieldmo and get results – Choose us within your DSP or reach out to our sales team at to help you set-up a campaign quickly.